No Contracts Competitive rates Pricing for Weeds or Pests or Both No Contracts Competitive rates Pricing for Weeds or Pests or Both
Don’t Want Pests?
Don’t Want Pests? If you don’t want to be bothered by bugs and weeds, then call Expert now! Expert Pest and Weed Control is the solution to your difficult pest problems. Combo Service: Expert offers you economical pest and weed control, combined into one visit. Why use separate pest and weed services (making service more expensive!) when you can enjoy the convenience and economy of one of our combined pest and weed control service plans? Say NO to Contracts: We want you to be our customer, but we don’t try to convince you to sign some expensive, legalese-filled contract. The effectiveness of our pest and weed control services insures your satisfaction...and your loyal patronage! 100% Guaranteed: We stand behind the pest and weed services we provide. Whether you’re a quarterly service plan customer or a monthly service plan customer, you’ll have Expert’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Service Plan to rely on. If you should require remedial services while using one of our plans, just call and we’ll respray to correct your pest problem...NO EXCUSES! Service You Trust: We have over forty years in the industry. Expert has the expertise to provide you with top quality pest and weed control! We’re Local Folks: When you hire a pest and weed control service you deserve the most trustworthy, friendly, courteous and punctual service technicians. A big media advertising budget doesn’t assure you of good service. Nor does a well known local, or corporate, name. You’ll know, after every service visit, that you’ve made the right decision... using Expert Pest and Weed! Call Us Now: You deserve to enjoy your free time. Spraying for bugs and weeds is the one chore which few folks look forward to...So, let us do it for you! Don’t Want Bugs? Most folks find bugs to be obnoxious and an annoying nuisance. Some species, like bark scorpions and black widow spiders, can cause life threatening reactions. Others, like most spiders, bees, ants and wasps, can deliver painful bites/stings, and be vectors of disease. Among those are flies, fleas, bedbugs and mosquitoes. Nature is always quite persistent. You need routine pest control performed with care, expertise and concern for you, your family...and your pets. Don’t Want Weeds? A weed is a plant growing where you don’t want it, and each weed will quickly produce more unwanted plants. Our herbicides kill weeds! You may have experienced mediocre results from retail store-bought products. However, our forty years of experience has taught us how to control your property’s rascally weeds, without harming your wanted landscape plantings.

$65 for Bugs OR Weeds — $85 for Bug and Weed Combo

(30 day – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee)



Bug OR Weed Control: $45 — Bug & Weed Combo: $65

(30 day – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee)



Bug OR Weed Control: $95 — Bug & Weed Combo: $135

(90 day – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee)



$295 Acre – $150 1/2 acre — $75 1/4 acre

(30 day – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee)




Initial Visit Fee:






Monthly Service Plan Fee:



Quarterly Service Plan Fee:




Acreage Weed Fees:

Call the Expert! ~520-678-4367~ Serving the greater Sierra Vista Area

Bug control pricing based on homes not larger than 2,000 square feet of living area. Larger homes pricing agreed to prior to servicing. Weed pricing based on not more than 10,000 square feet of lot size with pricing agreed to prior to servicing. 50% OFF the next service after the one year anniversary of your continuous 100% Guaranteed Service Plan...and each anniversary thereafter!


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WARNING: Pesticides can be harmful. Keep children and pets away from pesticides until dry, dissipated

or aerated. For more information call Expert Pest & Weed, license # 9216, at 520-678-4367.






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